Upcoming Events

Cinema Slopes Film Summit

Fall 2022

The first annual film summit will attract filmmakers from across the country to come to Utah to collaborate, provide workshops and learn from fellow film industry experts. The summit will feature keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and invaluable networking opportunities. This annual summit will establish Utah as the filmmaking hub in America.

Cinema Slopes is fighting for a strong motion picture industry that will substantially strengthen Utah's economy and provide education, job opportunities, and networking events for future Utah filmmakers.

Love Letters To Utah

High School Film Festival

A statewide high school film festival for every school district in the state. Students will create short 30 second ads or mini-movies highlighting what they love about Utah. We'll offer training videos to help them learn how to use editing software and tips for other filmmaking skills. We'll divide the state into five regions and take “Love Letters To Utah” across the state to show in local theaters.

We plan to offer tourism offices throughout the state access to the student-created videos for their social media posts and web content for tourism promotion in their respective counties. We are very excited to see what the students create and cannot wait to see our state from their eyes.