Cinema Slopes.

Film elevated.

What Is Cinema Slopes?

Cinema Slopes is a team of writers, filmmakers, producers, political strategists, and Utah business leaders concerned about the sustainability of Utah's film industry. We are determined to save Utah film.

The annual Sundance Film Festival, held in Park City, Utah, is considered the largest and most prestigious independent film festival in America. In 2020, pre-pandemic, 122k visitors came to Utah for the festival. Its success has helped establish Utah as a leader in the film community.

Cinema Slopes wants to build on that foundation and establish Utah as a central location for industry networking, education building, and job opportunities.

Cinema Slopes has a deep appreciation for the art of visual storytelling. We see how film lifts, inspires, breeds creativity, and educates. Regardless of the size of a Hollywood budget or celebrity cast, Cinema Slopes sees that the industry appears hungry for leadership. There is a yearning for collaboration and opportunities to share best practices and lessons learned.

Cinema Slopes believes Utah can elevate the industry and become the most desirable alternative hub for the filmmaking community in America.

Welcome to Cinema Slopes. Film elevated.